That's right! Purchase any 3 items from our catalog page and receive a fourth CD or DVD of YOUR CHOICE for FREE! Simply order any 3 titles and then type in your free choice in the "Special Instructions" section of our online order form. The Tip's buy 3 get one free policy also applies to dividends of 6, 9 and so on. Every third title ordered now entitles you to a free CD or DVD of your choice!! Unfuckwitable!!!


Traxster "The Vault: Unreleased tracks & Exclusives" Buy It

Belo of Do or Die "The Truth" Buy It

The Legendary Traxster "All Hell Breaks Loose" Buy It

Buk of Psycho Drama "The Deep End"Buk of PsychoDrama "The Deep End"Buy It

E.C.illa aka WhiteFolks "Power Moves"Buy It

E.C.illa aka WhiteFolks "Illa LP"Buy It

E.C.illa aka WhiteFolks "Live from the ILL ep" Buy It

Mike Love "Universal Session: The Chicago Gangsta Story" Buy It
Features music from Qualo, Bump J, Shawnna & Teefa, Mikkey Halsted, Color 1 (DramaWard), Do or Die, Kanye West, Newsense of PsychoDrama, Turtle Banxx, EC Illa, Lupe Fiasco, Payroll

PsychoDrama "PsychoDrama's Greatest Hits Vol. 2" Buy It

PsychoDrama vol.2 of their best .........VERY RARE 1 copy left

Newsense - The bitch Is BackNewsense "The Bitch Is Back" Buy It
Newsense takes her
favorite PD songs and add her latest solo cuts.

DJ Slugo "Respect My Grine Vol. 1" Tracklist Buy It

DJ Slugo "Respect My Grine Vol. 2" Tracklist Buy It

DJ Slugo "Respect My Grine Vol. 3" Tracklist Buy It

DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 4" CD/DVD Tracklist Buy It

DJ Slugo "Chicago Juke DVD"DJ Slugo "Chicago Juke DVD" Buy It

DJ Slugo Presents Ben One "Slow Jamz: The Mixtape"DJ Slugo Presents Ben One "Slow Jamz: The Mixtape" Buy It

Straight 2 The Point Film Presents "Chi Town Hood TV"Straight 2 The Point Film Presents "Chi Town Hood TV DVD" Buy It

"Chi-Town Juke Down CD/DVD Vol. 1""Chi-Town Juke Down CD/DVD Vol. 1" Buy It

DJ Slugo "Ghetto House Collection Vol. 4: Smoke-N-RideDJ Slugo "Ghetto House Collection Vol. 4: Smoke-N-Ride" Buy It

DJ Slugo and DJ Apollo "Juke or Die Vol. 3"DJ Slugo and DJ Apollo "Juke or Die Vol. 3" Buy It

DJ Slugo and DJ Apollo "Juke or Die Vol. 4"DJ Slugo and DJ Apollo "Juke or Die Vol. 4" Buy It

DJ Slugo "Low End Madness: Ghetto Collection vol 2"DJ Slugo "Low End Madness: Ghetto Collection Vol. 2" Buy It

DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 5"DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 5" Buy It

DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 4 DVD"DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 4 DVD" Buy It

DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 6"DJ Slugo Presents "Respect My Grine Vol. 6" Buy It

DJ Slugo & DJ Vic "Smoke-N-Ride #2"DJ Slugo & DJ Vic "Smoke-N-Ride #2" Buy It

DJ Slugo "Vulture Hour Ghetto House Collection vol 3"DJ Slugo "Vulture Hour Ghetto House Collection Vol. 3" Buy It

D.A. Smart "Walk With Me E.P.D.A. Smart "Walk With Me E.P." Buy It

Preast of Qualo "Fear God Tell Make Money"Preast of Qualo "Fear God Tell Make Money" Buy It

Preast of Qualo dropped a dope ass solo project. He holds down 18 tracks with just 5 Features. One is from his group Qualo.

QualoQualo "Only In America" Buy It

Qualo "believeQualo "Believe" Buy It

One of Chicago's most critically acclaimed groups
comes with a dope ass album, they hold down the whole album by their
selves. 17 classic tracks!!!

PsychoDrama "Universal Session Reloaded"PsychoDrama "Universal Session Reloaded" Buy It

PD takes some of their
most recent songs and put it all on one album!!! MUST HAVE !!!

  • Presents "Chi Bangin Elites" Buy It
  • Malik Yuself "The Great Chicago Fire: A Cold Day In Hell" Buy It
  • The wordsmith from the Chi
    has a solo project. great Features from Carl Thomas, Bigg Nastee,
    Common, Kanye West, Twista RARE HARD TO FIND
  • Payroll "Murder Mac & Money" Buy It
  • The North Pole Chicago repper
    delivers another hard ass project. This aint Hip Hop music, this is
    street Hip Hop music.
  • Payroll "Feel My Pain" Buy It
  • Payroll spitting them street tales on this
    junt. Classic Chicago shit!!! Only a few copies left

The Legendary Traxster "Greatest Hits Vol. 1"The Legendary Traxster "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

Wildstyle "That Was Then This Is Now" Wildstyle "That Was Then This Is Now" Buy It
Conflict producer/rapper dropped his solo debut. 18 tracks of all
him, production and rapping. no big name features at all.

Crucial Conflict "Illegal Mixtape" Buy It

Twista "Adrenaline Rush 2000" Buy It

"The Wicked Streets of Chi" The 1st Episode Buy It

  • "The Wicked Streets of Chi" The Classics Buy It

"CWAL Ballaz: Work Thru The Drought Chapter 1" Buy It

CWAL Ballaz Chapter 2: Nation City Buy It Presents NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
"Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups: The Final Chapter"
The Final chapter in's acclaimed 4-part compilation series goes harder than the first three…as if it was possible! Never-before-heard exclusive music from Turtle Banxx, Sandman, Mob Axshin, Sinna of Tre Sins, SLC and a long line of Chicago's coldest up & comers. Chicago 's official rap web site has saved the best for last!! Presents NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
"Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups Pt. 3"
3rd installment of Chicago's official rap website's already-classic compilation series. Totally exclusive music from Payroll, Tre Sins, Da Kamp, K-Smoove, Midknight Thuggz, GI's Horror Kane of Yung Gunz and many more! Snappin-flows & gangbangin' beats.... Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups gets more gutter than ever on part III.... BELIEVE IT!! Presents NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
"Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups Pt. 2"
Amazing second installment of's groundbreaking compilation series!! Features ALL NEW, UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE MUSIC from an all-star lineup including Psyde of PsychoDrama, Sinna of Tre Sins, Sandman, D.A. Smart, Payroll, Outside, Soundmaster T, Jah Rista, Preast, Tweek of Quarta Oz, Darkside Ballaz, C.O. Tha! Bad Black, Connected Fellaz, E-Dub the Gangsta and more!!! If you really want to know about the Chi and Midwest, this that sh#t to get. As good, if not better than the first one! BELIEVE IT!! Presents NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
"Killaz, Crooks & Come-Ups"
Coldest compilation to drop in years! Chicago's Official Rap Site debuts their first CD featuring ALL BRAND-NEW EXCLUSIVE MUSIC from Dawreck, illa WhiteFolks, D-Fly, Quarta Ounce, Sinna of Tre Sins, Snypaz, Heartstoppa, PsychoDrama, Darkside Ballaz, Outside, SLC and more! Also features a new song from CTF (Chi-Town's Finest), a group featuring Nine 1, Q Ball & original Crucial Conflict members Tone Capone & Geno. Production is kept dark & hard and the flows are fast & just how you like it. Instant Classic!!!! This ain't no album.... it's a lifestyle!

PsychoDrama "Universal Session" Buy It

PsychoDrama "PsychoDrama's Greatest Hits" Buy It
Everything you ever loved about PsychoDrama on one CD. Includes Magic, Do What You Wanna Do and all their classic lost hits.

The Legendary Traxster & E-Dub NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
"Mob Life Mixtape III - The Legend and The Gangsta"
The Mob Life series continues with 14 all new exclusive Traxster and E-Dub songs. Also features new music from Dun D and those untouchable Traxster beats! No need to think twice.

Traxster, Inc "Mob Life - The Mixtape"Traxster, Inc "Mob Life - The Mixtape" Buy It
The Legendary Traxster drops his official company mixtape featuring the new WIldstyle solo classic "Pockets Shawt", exclusive Snypaz, Triple Darkness, PsychoDrama, Dun D., Twista and much more - all produced by the man himself. Somethin' raw to tide you over 'til The Return Of Gangsta Music!

CWAL Mega Mix CWAL Mega Mix Buy It
Everything you ever loved about Traxster and the Mob flawlessly pieced together by 92.3's DJ Kid Scratch. Features all the classics from PsychoDrama, Twista, Snypaz, WhiteFolks, Do Or Die, and many more. Also features exclusive "Lets Go To War" by Third Shift, "Crook County Remix" featuring Triple Darkness and "Seduction" by Shock Tha World to name a few. Bonus cuts include Twista's "Ya'll My Nugz and some D 2 Tha S for good measure. What else can we say, cop it!

E.C.illa AKA WhiteFolks Buy It
the album that produced entirely by Legendary
Traxster!!! CLASSIC!!! The last copies that'll most likely ever be printed again!! Pressed and signed by EC Illa himself. He printed these up for his retirement show he did on Dec.28th 2013

E.C.illa aka WhiteFolks "Underground Classics"Buy It
Features WhiteFolk's appearances with Do Or Die, Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict and CWAL Mob. Includes unreleased music with Kanye West, CWAL and the lost classic "Like A Chief" featuring Cayex Illah & Toxic. All his best and then some... on one CD!

E.C. Illa aka WhiteFolks "Codes & Creeds"Buy It
printed up & signed by EC Illa himself,
once these sellout the likely hood of you getting this again is slim to none

E.C.illa aka WhiteFolks "Scum Of The Earth" Buy It
BRAND NEW WHITEFOLKS!!! All new, never before released tracks featuring Dawreck, Payroll, Tre Sins, Johnny P., Snypaz and C.O.G !! This sh#t bangs so heavy, you gotta hear it to believe it. Even harder than "Codes & Creeds”. You wanted some new WhiteFolks…. what you waitin' on! C'mon maaan, GET IT NOW!!

D.A. Smart "Nation Business" Buy It
D.A. strikes terror in the heart of the streets! Professionally mastered with 6 additional songs not included on the leaked version!! The rumors are true, 19 D.A. Smart tracks make up the classic debut album he was destined to create!
ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE...Exclusively @ The Tip!!!

Payroll "Broke, Starvin' & Gangbangin'" Buy It
Brand new underground full album featuring all new exclusive beats and verses! The streets couldn't wait, so Mr. 40 Gang decided to feed y'all a new CD before his national debut. Hardest of the hard, this one is a must have. Forrrrtttyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crucial Conflict "Call Of The Wild"  Buy It
Crucial Conflict put an album
together full of their label mates from BuckWild Records ......

  • Johnny P "Greatest Hitz" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    The golden voice of Chicago finally puts his entire resume' and then some on this very limited edition DOUBLE CD. Released by Johnny P himself in conjunction with Wicked Entertainment, this 29 track collection includes J.P.'s new hit "Sing 2 U" and his classic rendition of "Change Gone Come" along with all his classic appearances featuring Do or Die, Scarface, 2 Pac, Twista and many more! Hard to find even in Chicago, you better get it while it's good!

Triple Darkness "Greatest Hits" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
Everything you love about Triple Darkness finally available as one collection. Features the classics "Niggaz Just Don't Know", "Paper Chase", "Cold Blooded" ,"Chop Up That Paper" and "Rock Bottom" to name a few. Necessary!

Straight from the streets of K-town, the same area that has bred some of the most respected artists in Chicago rap. Presented by Illa Whitefolks, Tre Sins debut CD is filled with patented fast chi flows and slow hard beats. This is exactly what you've been fiendin' and waiting for!

Mob Axshin "No Morals" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
You know this group from their classic cut "Blocka Blocka" off of MidWest Mobstaz II as well as a solid appearance on The Wicked Streets Of Chi compilation. Mob Axshin's first official album is filled with that good ól fashion Black Stone Southside shit.

Gangsta Boogie "The 13th ChapterGangsta Boogie "The 13th Chapter" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
This all-time Chicago classic is finally back in print!! Some of the craziest sh#t you will ever hear on CD! An entire CD of gang banging. Not for the weak hearted, this CD isn't just Chi-Town gangs reppin' strips and sections, this sh#t is all out war. Damn near every gang you can think of callin' out enemies by name and throwin up specific blocks and buildings! If you were around when this sh#t first dropped, then you know whats up. If you never heard it, GET UP ON IT!!

Chi-Bangin' Re-ReleaseChi-Bangin' Re-Release NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
All of the exclusive songs from the groundbreaking Chi-Bangin' series on a 2 cd set. Features impossible to find freestyles from Twista, Liffy Stokes, Common, Turtle Banxx, "NorthPole Anthem" by Jiggs & Cheeks and much more! 49 classics tracks you'll never find again.Yes, Chi-Bangin'! 2 for 1!!!

  • Trust None - Music From The Motion Picture Buy It
    Music from the underground Chicago
    movie Trust None, classic Chicago records DA Smart, PsychoDrama, JD Walker, Triple Darkness, Snypaz, Do or Die, Qualo, EC Illa, Traxster, Third Shift

Kanye West "The High School Graduate"Kanye West "The High School Graduate" Buy It
Underground Kanye CD released only in Chicago by DJ Risky Biz. Features all the underground stuff Kanye did while he was still on the grind here in Chicago. Features his original Chi-Town clique The Go-Gettas as well as cult classics he produced for Infamous Syndicate, E.C.Illa aka WhiteFolks, and the controversial original version of "Never Change" by Payroll. When it's gone, you'll wish you copped it!!

  • Common Sense "UnAmerican Caravan - 1991: The Demo" Buy It
    This is the amazingly rare, long lost demo that landed Chi's Southside champ his very first record deal with Relativity Records. True-school Windy City hip hop that shows you exactly why Com-Sense went on to achieve legendary status. If you bumped Com's first 2 albums…YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!! The Tip got that buried treasure!!

Ill State 101Buy It
Ill State 101 features all the impossible to find underground classics &  old school exclusive tracks from the crew that spawned Toxic, D 2 Tha S (Traxster & Kay-Tone), E.C.illa, Cayex Illah & Mob Axshin.Chi-Town throw back sh#t!

  • Trust None DVD MOVIE! Buy It
    Chicago's First Official Gangsta Film! This is NOT a documentary, but a straight up movie starring Illa WhiteFolks, PsychoDrama, Traxster and DaWreck Of Triple Darkness, as well as cameo appearances from Crucial Conflict, Cap-1 and many others! Features real Chicago neighborhoods and street gangs. Also include bonus Triple Darkness / PsychoDrama music video. Chicago will never be the same!!
  • Chi-Town Hood TV Vol. 1 DVD NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    An instant Chicago classic!! Over an hour and a half of supa real Chi sh#t with scenes from Chicago's most notorious areas including Murder Town, The Ickes, 43rd, & State Way. Real Chicago beatdowns and hood fights, crack heads & hood picnics. Special behind the scenes Bump J exclusives and video. Goon Squad freestyles from Sly Polaroid and more as well as some bonus Juke footage for good measure. Real Chi livin' at it's best. MUST...HAVE...NOW!!
  • Larry Hoover "A Gangster's Story" DVD NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    This documentary chronicles Chicago 's Larry Hoover the most powerful man in the Midwest since Al Capone. According to the government, the GD's reigned terror on Chicago and spread to more than 35 states. This amazing DVD includes cameo appearances by Bishop Don Juan, Twista and Common among others. The only documentary to ever reveal the true story behind the mastermind of the Gangster Disciples. Some of the realest Chi sh#t ever on DVD!! Other places claim they got this, but The Tip really does!
  • Presents "Behind the Scenes" DVD NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Chicago's official rap site proudly presents over 2 hours of in-depth interviews. And live acapellas on DVD from D.A. Smart, Dawreck of Triple Darkness, Tre Sins, Hit of the MCGz, Illa WhiteFolks, Qualo, Payroll, K-Smoove & Heartstoppa. takes you "Behind the Scenes" to address some of Chicago Rap's biggest RUMORS, BEEF and MORE! Learn more than you ever knew about your favorite artists and the pain & strife they've encountered comin' up in the coldest city there is.... Chicago! DVD also includes added bonus features!
  • When Thugs Cry DVD Buy It
    Classic underground flic starring Swamp Family chiefs Jah Rista and Soundmaster T. Lots of good Chi-Town ghetto footage, along with live performances written into the story. This is a movie, not a documentary. Your TV has now been Droked Out!!
  • Windy City TV DVD "Vol. 1" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    The first impressive installment of the classic WIndy City TV music video series. Features 17 rare & uncut Chi-Town music videos including Do or Die's 'Po Pimp', 'Just Ballin', 'Still Po Pimpin', 'Playa Like Me & You', Johnny P's 'Take It Like A Playa', Twista's 'Emotions' & 'Mista Tung Twista', Crucial Conflict's 'Ride the Rodeo', E.C.illa's classic 'On Ill' and many more!! Perfect for the car or the crib! Watch some TV Windy City style!!!
  • Windy City TV DVD "Vol. 2" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    The second amazing installment of the Windy City TV music video series. Features 17 more rare & uncut music videos including Twista's 'Mobstability' & 'Get It Wet', Crucial Conflict's 'Scummy' & 'Hay', 8Ball featuring PsychoDrama 'Pure Uncut', Snypaz 'Playa Like Me', Darkside Ballaz featuring Twista 'Piece of Mind' and many more!! Perfect for the car or the crib! Watch some TV Windy City style!!!
  • Traxster "All Instrumentals Vol. 1" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Vol.1 of Traxster's limited edition "All Instrumental series. A dream come true for any aspiring artist and an absolute must have for all fans of one of Chicago's all-time greatest producers. Vol.1 includes full instrumentals to the classics, "Overdose", "Crook County", Time Vs. Life", "Temptation", "Round 1","Legit Ballers Remix", "Still Smokin", "Dead Homies", "Cold World",
    "Let It Burn" & "What Yáll Wanna Do". This may be the one and only time you'll have access to these classics for your own use!! The Tip is at it again!!!
  • Traxster "All Instrumentals Vol. 2" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Vol.2 of Traxster's limited edition "All Instrumental series. A dream come true for any aspiring artist and an absolute must have for all fans of one of Chicago's all-time greatest producers. Vol.2 includes full instrumentals to the classics, "Adrenaline Rush", "Front Porch", "Walk With Me", "Faces Of Death", "The Night We Ride","All Hell Breaks Loose", "Fie It Up", "Evacuate", "That Wang", "Mob Life" & "No Remorse". This may be the one and only time you'll have access to these classics for your own use!! The Tip outshines the competition as always!!!
  • Traxster "All Instrumentals Vol. 3" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Vol.3 of Traxster's limited edition "All Instrumental series. A dream come true for any aspiring artist and an absolute must have for all fans of one of Chicago's all-time greatest producers. Vol.3 includes full instrumentals to the classics, "Unsolved Mystery", "It Feels So Good", "Searchin'", "The One", "Respect The Mob","", "One More Way 2 Die", "What The Fuck You Thought", "We Ready","New & Untouchable Theme", "Rob Kill Or Steal" & "Don't Give No Fuck". This may be the one and only time you'll have access to these classics for your own use!! Nothing to even think about. Get it man!!!
  • Killa Beats Vol. 1 "Death Penalty" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    The debut Chicago instrumental release that started it all is back in print!! Produced entirely by illa WhiteFolks, The Legendary Traxster, Toxic, Kay-Tone, Cayex illah & Demo. Killa Beats Vol. 1 features EXCLUSIVE BEATS ONLY, not just instrumentals of songs. Beautifully pieced together Chi-style beats, perfect for aspiring rappers and smoked out freestyle sessions!
  • Killa Beats "Vol. 3" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Latest installment of popular Chicago INSTRUMENTAL Series. Perfect for freestyles, demos and blunt sessions!
  • Crucial Conflict "The Final Tic" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    The classic debut from those "HAY" smokin boys...........A MUST HAVE IF U R A MIDWEST FAN!!!!
  • Crucial Conflict "Good Side Bad Side" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    The sophmore album from Crucial Conflict!! This album is better the nthe DEBUT ALBUM!!!!!!!


GARY/NorthWest Indiana TITLES


Vizion "I Love You"  Buy It

Vizion "Options"  Buy It

1st Battalion "Gutta Gutta"  Buy It

Outside "Area 67"  Buy It

Soope & Ric Jilla "Hustle Musik"  Buy It
Two of Northwest Indiana finest did a collab album. They haven't done any work since The Grind Family days....must have.

CCA "Midwest Thug Niggaz : Tha Compilation"  Buy It

CCA "For Tha Streetz" vol.2  Buy It

Tension "Da Introduction"  Buy It

P.U.G.G. "Da Game Needs Me"  Buy It
Gary Indiana , appeared on the No Tamin Compilations .....

Grind Family "In The Grind We Trust"  Buy It

Hit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA hosted by DJ BURN ONEHit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA Vol. 3" Buy It
Hit Skrewface is back with vol.3 of his "Hitsville USA" series. Hit
is doing what he does best, that Midwest gangsta shit!!!! Songs like "Trill Nigga" with Freddie Gibbs goes hard, "Grippin Grain" with a ESGN is becoming an internet sensation, solo records like "The Purge" & "About That Life" tapping into his inner MCGz days flow. You will not be disappointed.

Audio Samples: Break 'em off (Street) (Radio)
***sidenote: If you are interested in purchasing all 5 of Hit
Skrewface solo projects, all will be $80 instead of $100. Just put in the basket 4 copies of Hitsville USA vol.3 and put in the notes you want all 5 of Hit Skrewface solo projects***

Thugged Out "The Best of Thugged Out " Buy It

Mutt Dogg "Antonio" Buy It

Untouchable1 "The Album" Buy It
the OutFitt's Untouchable1 dropped a solo
album, 24 bangers!!! He gives you a peep into his world of East
Chicago Indiana. features from Soope, Al Koleon, Young Platt, & a few

AL Koleon "GED"Al Koleon "GED: Grind Everyday, Get Every Dollar" Buy It
Al Koleon has put in non stop work since he got unlocked from the cage. 21 bangin tracks, features from OutFitt, Hit Skrewface, Tex Message, & a few

Cp Da Prince "Get Down or Lay Down" Buy It
5th Ave GI keeps the talent
coming like a well oiled machine!! If your fans of ThuggedOut you will
be a fan of CP!!! Features Mutt Dogg & Bullet Boy

ThuggedOut "JUICE" Buy It
They're going by Mutt n Jeff. These guys
haven't made music that goes this hard since "Corrupted City" album.
This shit BANGS!!! Must get if your a ThuggedOut Fan

Poodie Sec8 S#!%Poodie "Sec8 Shit" Buy It
This kid from Naptown is spitting real life on
his tracks!!! If you never heard rap out of Indianapolis, here is a
good start.

Ric Jilla "Ric Jilla vol.1" Buy It
The Pride of Indiana goes in some hard
industry freestyles along with songs he that's going to appear of the
"UpGrade" album

DJ Roc "Midwest Murda vol.1" Buy It
Freddie Gibbs, Hit Skrewface, Richie Stacks, Chella H., Shawnna, King Louie, D-Edge, Ray Cash, Dro Man

DJ Roc "Midwest Murda vol.2" Buy It
DJ Roc puts together a dope ass comp, features music from Cp & Wink Dolla (5th Ave GI), Freddie Gibbs,
Richie Stacks (STL), Hit Skrewface, Chella H, Sasha Go Hard, OvaDose, Sly Polaroid, King Louie, Sani G

Al Koleon "GED 3: Grind Everyday, Get Every Dollar" Buy It
Al Koleon , of the OutFitt, best work to date!! The production is stellar and the features are just as dope, Wayne Blazed, OutFitt's Untouchable1, Freddie Gibbs, The Legendary Traxster, Bump J, and a couple more..

Welcome to Indiana vol.1 Buy It
Features music from Ric Jilla, Soope, Tex
Message, Al Koleon, Father Tyme, Vonnie, Outside, 1st Batalion, MCGz, Da Reepa, and more .....

Welcome to Indiana vol.2 Buy It
Features music from Grind Family, Family
Cartel, ThuggedOut, Will Scrilla, Ric jilla, 50/50 Records, MCGz, CCA, and more.....

D-Edge "G-Kalaborations Vol.2" Buy It
D-Edge comes with a solid album that
features Hit Skrewface (of MCGz), Insanity, Freddie Gibbs, and a few others out of the 219

Freddie Gibbs-ESGNFreddie Gibbs "ESGN" Buy It

Freddie Gibbs "Baby Faced Killa" Buy It Tracklisting

Classic Freddie Gibbs,
storytelling, wordplay, smoke songs, dope ass production

Freddie Gibbs "Str8 Killa Fo Filla" Buy It Tracklisting

Freddie Gibbs "A Cold Day In Hell" Buy It Tracklisting

If your not aware how cold
Freddie Gibbs by now, you just hating. He does nothing but solid
albums!!! Features Alley Boy, Sly Polaroid, Jeezy, Juicy J, Dom
Kennedy, 2 Chainz

DJ Edge & DJ Slam Roc "420 Flight Club" Buy It Tracklisting

Some more smoking music from D
Edge, Hit Skrewface, Freddie Gibbs, Al Koleon, and few other guests
....roll up to this

No Tamin/Str8 Slammin "Big Bizness: Streets Edition" Buy It Tracklisting

D-Edge "Christmas Trees: Kush Exclusives Vol. 2" Buy It Tracklisting

HO HO HO, D-Edge got them santa sacks for
ya!!! Features D Edge, H-Trae, Hit Skrewface, Freddie Gibbs, Krayzie
Bone, CCA

H-Trae "In My 2-3 Zone" Buy It Tracklisting

Brand new on the scene in Gary. H-Trae
was first heard on D-Edge's albums, DJ Roc tapes, & Hit Skrewface. He
is holding his own on solo debut. Features Freddie Gibbs, Sani G,
D-Edge, Hit Skrewface, Jeih Rill, Ovadose

Hit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA Vol 2" hosted by DJ Roc " Buy It Tracklisting

JeihRill "Loyalty" Buy It Tracklisting

Jeih Rill is a veteran in the streets of the G
and he flipped his hustle to music ......member of the STR8 SLAMMIN
CLICK, features Hit Skrewface, D-Edge, & Sani G

D-Edge "The Leak" Buy It Tracklisting

D-Edge delivers another solid project. Features
Buk of PsychoDrama, Freddie Gibbs, OvaDose, & more ....

Lil Kappy "Ball Everyday" Buy It Tracklisting

Skrewface Ent. presents this youngster !!! Midwest version of Lil Wayne, and I mean he doesn't cuss but don't let that fool you, the kid can spit!!!

Str8 Slammin DJs present "Midwest Murda" Buy It Tracklisting

Str8 Slammin DJs present "Midwest Murda Vol. 2" Buy It Tracklisting

C-Mob "In The Mist of Madness" Buy It

The debut album from the Marion
Indiana Kid!!! Certified debut classic....17 tracks, not one feature.

C-Mob - When The heaven's RainC-Mob "When The Heavens Rain" Buy It

C Mob keeps delivery that struggle to
survive Midwest shit! This is his follow up to his solid underrated
debut album. Features from Ric Jilla, 3rd Degree, B-Lang (formerly of
No Tamin Ent), & a few more

C-Mob "Hard Times & Hard LiqourC-Mob "Hard Times & Hard Liqour" Buy It

The kid of Marion Indiana is
back with a classic album. He has that rapid fire Midwest style.
Dope features T-rock, 3rd Degree, Ric Jilla, Snug Brim, Bizarre of
D12, Koopsta Knicca, & couple more .....This will be a classic in due

C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 1"C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 1" Buy It

C Mob went ahead and made an album full
of features, but the features fit with his style. Features T Rock, BG
Bulletwound, Lord Infamous, SnugBrim, 3rd Degree, Sinna of Tre Sins,
Lil Witness, & more .....

C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 2"C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 2" Buy It

Extra Mags vol.2 is the exact same as
vol.1, just dope tracks back to back. Features from Sinna, Doe Boi,
II Tone, Lord Infamous, T Rock, Da Wreck of Triple Darkness,

C-Mob "The Antidope"C-Mob "The Antidope" Buy It

C Mob is a beast, project after project. The
quality never drops off, he still sounds hungry in every bar, every
song!! Features Dayton Family, Bootleg, T Rock, Shawnna, Lil Witness
.........Classic Midwest Music!!!

Ivoe "Da Grand Duke" Buy It Tracklisting song sample 1 song sample 2

You originally heard him on MCGz "Second
Comin" album, once signed with Skrewface Ent. , but he dropped a
project with Real Recognize Real Records. The boi goes hard on every
song, classic GARY Indiana Gutta Gangsta music

"Gorilla Island" Buy It

Soope Da Roadrunna "Where In the World Is Soope" Hosted By DJ Skee Buy It
This is what
Soope consider's his solo debut project. He still spitting that deep
mind provoking bars!!! Hella dope features and drops from Industry
folks from all over.

  • Middle of the Map Buy It
    2 disc album & dvd. Features Mutt Dogg, Ivoe, Sani G, Soope, 50/50 Records, Ric Jilla, & sum more.

Soope "Still on My Grind" Buy It

Soope stays grinding and
moving around. He got with Real Recognize Real Records for a one
album deal. Soope stay spitting thought provoking bars.

Freddie Gibbs "Str8 Killa"Freddie Gibbs "Str8 Killa" Buy It
Freddie put this project out thru a
company called Decon. No different then his other projects, DOPE ASS
MUSIC!! Features Bun B, Chip the Ripper aka King Chip, Jay Rock
formerly of Strange Music

Hit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA hosted by DJ BURN ONEHit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA hosted by DJ BURN ONE " Buy It
double disc of that MIDWEST G SHIT HIT is known for....features AL KOLEON,Ric Jilla, JFK,Insanity, & Tension

"G.I. Legends Vol. 2""G.I. Legends Vol. 2" Buy It
Features music from Fingerroll & CSaw, Freddie
Gibbs, Will Scrilla, Hit Skewface (MCGz), OvaDose, CMack of CCA, Insanity, ThuggedOut, and a few more a lot of unreleased music on this junt!!! Click Here for tracklisting

  • Kazanova "Ghetto Till I Die" Buy It
  • Thugged Out "It's O.V.A. The Mixtape Vol. 1" Buy It
  • ThuggedOut's Mutt Dogg & Bullet Boy go to
    town on some industry beats!!! Classic gritty gutta gangsta 5th Ave
    Gary Indiana rap!!
  • 50/50 Records "Wanted In 50 States" Buy It
  • One of the top indie label's from East Chicago Indiana drops a label comp. The production on here is classic 808 basslines and Midwest melodies. Features PopEye, Kaz a Nova, Mutt Dogg from ThuggedOut, Ovadose, & plenty of artists from the 50/50 camp
  • 50/50 Records "It's Been One" Buy It
  • Family Cartel / 50/50 Records "Cartel Life" Buy It

Sani G "The Resume"Sani G "The Resume" Buy It

Hit of the MCG'z "The Saga ContiuesHit of the MCG'z "The Saga Contiues"NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

  • Ric Jilla "Mixtape Vol. 1" Buy It
  • Ric Jilla "Mixtape Vol. 2: The Pride of Indiana" Buy It
  • Some more music to
    set up his solo album UPGRADE. A lot of original music is on here
    with a few industry freestyles. Features Twista, Father Tyme, Nukki
    Andrews, David Roughin, a couple others ....
  • Ric Jilla "Mixtape Vol. 3: Supernatural" Buy It
  • Ric Jilla keeps his mixtape push going with vol.3, a lot of dope original music on here and not just freestyles
  • Nukki Andrews "Business Over Bullshit" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

MCG'z "The Second Coming"MCG'z "The Second Coming" Buy It

MCG'z "Da Slumpin E.P."MCG'z "Da Slumpin E.P." Buy It

MCG'z "53 Chambers of Danger" MCG'z "53 Chambers of Danger" Buy It

Hit of the MCG'z "Make Way For The Bad Guy"Hit of the MCG'z "Make Way For The Bad Guy" Buy It


Insanity "The Introduction"Insanity "The Introduction" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

  • Thugged Out "Money On Deck" Buy It
    After the passing of Mafiaso , Mutt &
    Bullet went Down South and hooked up with the label Dirty Game.
    Nothing has changed still that gritty gutta 5th Ave Gary Indiana
    gangsta shit.

Thugged Out "Corrupted City"Thugged Out "Corrupted City" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
ThuggedOut bring sum more heat with there third album and final one with their brother Mafiaso (RIP). This album goes hard from beginning to end! Midwest CLASSIC!!

Thugged Out "Heat"Thugged Out "Heat" Buy It
The debut album of GARY INDIANA's 5th AVE representers THUGGEDOUT!!! This is a classic hard to get album! Very RARE!!!

  • Welcome to Indiana Buy It
    this is a compilation of sum 219's finest, features Grind Family, 1st Battalion, Ric jilla, Father Tyme, and much more.
  • Soope of Grind Family "Still on My Grind"  Buy It
    Soope of the GRIND FAMILY goes solo dolo on this album. He still spit'n that 219 gutta indiana shit! features Ric jilla. Also coming soon : Soope & Ric jilla duo album!!!!

Al Koleon of OutFitt "Gangsta Poetry"Al Koleon of OutFitt "Gangsta Poetry" Buy It
Debut album from the OutFitt's brightest star.

  • Ric Jilla "The Albulation" Buy It
    Ric Jilla puts together his best features over the last couple years, features Soope, Hit, Third Degree from KC (we have his production on too), Freddie Gibbs, Traxster and a few other dopes artists!

Sani G "HoodLife Vol. 2" Buy It
Sani G rep'n the Glen Park hood of the G!!
Sani G music is completely street with a touch of thought provoking shit. This shit is dope!

  • I.N.D. "From My Hood to Your Hood" Buy It
    Comin' out str8 off the streets of Northwest Indiana the three man group I.N.D..  This album features production from Fingerroll, Insanity and featurewd verses from Payroll, Insanity, Da Reapa (R.I.P.)  Good debut album from I.N.D.
  • Sani G "4 Corner Gangster Mixtape" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Sani G brings us 6 raw junts.
  • P-Folks "Da Zoo" Buy It
    (R.I.P.): P FOLKS orginally from Indianapolis Ind. but grew up in Sacramento Cali.  U know who P Folks is if u ever bumped Brotha Lynch Hung ......this is last album he dropped right before his untimely death.
  • Straight Up Gangsta Sh#t "Greatest Hits" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Classic Chicago/Indiana based compilation series put together into one supa greatest hits. From the people who brought you Midwest Mobstaz and NWI's Finest. All that old school murda rap you used to drive around and gang bang to, is now available on 1 CD! NOT ALL CHI-TOWN MUSIC, we repeat, NOT ALL CHI-TOWN MUSIC, but for anyone who was there, this one will bring back memories!! The name says it all...

Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 1  Buy It

The classic debut album for the Midwest
mobstaz series , PsychoDrama, Ric Jilla, Cwal. Twista, Triple
Darkness, Ric Jilla, CCA, Coo Coo Cal, Liffy Stokes, MCGz, EC Illa

Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 2  Buy It

Features music from WildStyle , EC ILLA,
Ric Jilla, Insanity, MCGz, Twista, Liffy Stokes, Da Wreck, Da Reepa,
Traxster , and few more

Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 3  Buy It

Twista, Ric Jilla, Outside, Insanity, Midwicked, MCGz, Father
Tyme, EC ILLA , and few more

Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 4  Buy It

Music from Ric Jilla, 50/50, ThuggedOut, Hit
Skrewface, MCGz, OutFitt, Da Reepa, Father Tyme, and more ......

  • Midwest Mobstaz "Block Edition" Buy It

The infamous series
continues.....original music from Ric jilla, Hit Skrewface, CCA, David
Roughin, The OutFitt, Vonnie, EC Illa, and a few more

Monsters Of The Midway Buy It

  • To Live Or Die In G.I. Soundtrack Buy It
  • Music from the classic documentary,
    features music Grind Family, Ric Jilla, Outside, and quite a few more

Northwest Indiana's Finest Compilation Buy It

Features OutFitt Father Tyme, OvaDose, MCGz, Ric Jilla, LowEnd, 1st Batalion, and more!! East Chicago, Hammond, & GI

Ric Jilla "UpGrade: The Album" Buy It

Ric Jilla comes with his sophomore effort.
This is a banger, the beats are dope, his bars are on point, features
from Nukki Andrews, Styles P., Al Koleon, ThuggedOut, Outside,
Fingerroll, Gutta Block

Ric Jilla "Free Agent" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT





DJ Playboy Mixx "College Crunk 2000" Buy It
STL/ East STL DJ Playboy Mixx
used to throw the hottest college parties in the 314/618 area. These songs are pretty much Hip Hop classics and can get any party going

Fadel Level "Ballin But Broke" Buy It
County Brown's group Fadel Level
debut album 1998, his label discovered DerrtyBoi Montana before he was Lyrikal Warfare & Dutch Jackson #Classic Hard to get album

Lil St.Louis "Milk Da Game" Buy It
Lil StLouis is one of theee hottest artists to come out of STL, FLATOUT!!! You want that "Most Dangerous City" in America type music, this kid has it!!! Go checkout his
videos on youtube and then come back and cop this cd!!!

  • SOS ENT & J Howse MGT "J Howse Showcase: Best Of 2010" Buy It

Da Banggaz "New STL Vol. 2" Buy It

STL's most rowdiest group to date,
STL version of 3-6 Mafia 2 guys 1 Girl.....comes with a DVD

Murphy Lee "You See Me" Buy It

Street Status DVD "Vol 1." NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

DerrtyBoi Montana "DerrtyBoi Muzik" Buy It
His 2nd album, production is
top knotch, one is an unreleased track produced by Da Wreck
.........For Lyrikal Warfare fans this is a must get!

  • Hard Knox "This Real" Buy It
    This STL duo of Richie Stacks & Shottie
    made a hard as sophomore album that was nationally distributed through
    Select-O-Hits. Features from 8ball, Twista, Mr.Serv-On, & more
    ....production from Beats by the Pound

Deadly Deuce "Nott Datt" & "Creepin Thru The Fog" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
1995/1997 BURNED CDS ONLY, this music is out of print.  But its the first STL act that was put it down for the streets and in the streets. Dope D. Stalone and Icey Bone come with the tongue twisting style but that STL slang.  The only other place u might have a chance of getting this music is on EBAY.  The music will make up for the fact its a burned cd. 

Blaze "" Buy It
Brownwave Ent.:  Blaze, from the group Lyrikal Warfare, comes with his debut solo effort.  This album moved 10,000 units in the first year it was available!! If u are a fan of LYRIKAL WARFARE this is a must HAVE!!!!

  • Blaze "Access Granted" Buy It
    Brownwave Ent. : Blaze; from the group Lyrikal Warfare, shows off his solo skills again with his sophomore album.  Blaze showed alot of growth from his debut album. 

  • Ray Goss "Meet Ray Goss" Buy It
    The debut project from the East STL
    repper. He makes Hip Hop music with an updated Hip Hop sound. Talib Kweli is who music I would compare it too.....
  • Family Affair "The Family Blessings" Buy It
    The twin duo Mr.Rep & QB the Classic is not your typical STL "trap" music. They are apart of the underground Hip Hop Scene in STL. Videos are on youtube.
  • County Brown "Da Re- Up" Buy It
    The solo debut you from the duo Fadel
    Level. County Brown holds down the whole junt with just his label Addicted Dopeness members. Production is dope!!! 

  • Gena "The Breakthrough" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Gena hails from the East STL area.  He has been making noise in the STL/ East STL area for a few years now.  He has had a few records that have gotten spins on the major radios down here. 
  • Blaze & Tekneke "The Message" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Blaze is on here rep'n STL and Tekneke is on here rep'n Detroit.  If u are a fan of Blaze this a must get.
  • EQ "Certified" Buy It
    EQ; the duo of Presto & Twinn gives u that good old Midwest Pimpin muzik!!!!  They had a huge radio hit here in STL back in 02/03 .........HIGH QUALITY EP. ALBUM RIGHT HERE!!!!

  • Ex L Eazy "Eazy Money" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Ex L Eazy brings that muzik that dope boys love......EX L EAZY gets it done with this album!!!  Features RAW RESSE on the song "EAST SIDE" that is thurl!!!! 

Dutch Jackson "Burn'Em" Dutch Jackson "Burn'Em" Buy It
You originally heard Dutch Jackson on
Lyrikal Warfare's "Article of War" album as a bonus cut with the song "Colder Than I". Dutch Jackson flow is unmatched, his wordplay is stupid dope, & the production is top knotch. Classic in the making!! Features DerrtyBoi Montana of Lyrikal Warfare, County Brown, Addicted Dopeness

Lyrikal Warfare "Articles Of War"Lyrikal Warfare "Articles Of War" Buy It
the retail store debut of the
STL's most infamous group EVER!! Come hear why Kingpin Skinny Pimp let them get a solo track on his solo album! Blaze, DerrtyBoi "Tantrum" Montana, Myschief aka Dolla Davis, KloseOut aka KO Kognac, Dizaster

Tantrum "Tantrum"Tantrum "Tantrum" Buy It
The solo debut from the Lyrikal Warfare alumni. Contains production from XP MUZIK and Fingerroll.  MIDWEST CLASSIC from the only STL DRAMAWARD member!!!!!  go get "DIAMOND N DA ROUGH" mixtape @ 

  • "Mad Azz Middle Vol. 1" Buy It
    The good people behind DerrtyBoi Montana and
    Lyrikal Warfare put together a hot comp full of bangers from the people they work with out of STL Chitown and Gary
  • "Mad Azz Middle Vol. 2 " NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Vol.2 of the infamous series .....contains dope music again from sTL, Gary, & Chicago

  • Nato Caliph "Power E.P." NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Nato reps the backpack side of STL scene.  U can check him out on the DJ TRACKSTAR "BOOGIE BANG" series@ 
  • Nato Caliph "Cypher Inside" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Nato brings u his first full length album.  Everything about dude is quality from the production to the flow and spit!!!
    Block DVD shows off the streets of STL as well sum behind the scenes stuff on the STL music scene. 
  • "Block DVD Vol. 2 " NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Block DVD shows off the streets of STL as well sum behind the scenes stuff on the STL music scene. 

  • "Block DVD Vol. 3 " NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Block DVD shows off the streets of STL as well sum behind the scenes stuff on the STL music scene. 
  • "Block DVD Vol. 4 " NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Block DVD shows off the streets of STL as well sum behind the scenes stuff on the STL music scene. 
  • Street Status DVD "Word War" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Hosted by the infamous AYE VERB. He brings u the STL battle scene.  I know u seen the you tube footage and worldstar well get it all on one disc!!! 
  • Vandalyzm "Megatron" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Vandalyzm is a veteran in the STL backpack Hip Hop scene.  U can check him out on DJ TRACKSTAR's "BOOGIE BANG" series @
  • Chop Shop "Slick Money Mixtape" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Chop Shop brings u that huslting side of the STL scene!!!  doep album from begin to end!!
  • Gotta B Karim "Bean Pie E.P." NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Gotta B Karim is another one of STL's Backpack Hip Hop scene members.  This is his debut album. U can check him out on DJ TRACKSTAR's "BOOGIE BANG" series @

  • Gotta B Karim "10,000 Apples" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Gotta B Karim hits us with sophmore effort!!! Another quality album by the man Gotta B Karim!!!
  • Black Spade "With Love" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Black Spade hands down is STL's version of Common!!!   He has appeared on several of DJ Trackstar's "BOOGIE BANG" series @ 
  • "P.R.E.A.C.H. "Expect The Unexpected" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    PREACH hails from the southside of STL.  He is Romanian cat and he comes with that classic MIDWEST TONGUE TWIST FLOW!!!!!  u will not be dissappointed!!! 
  • Raw Reese "Street Credit 1.5" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Raw Resse hits the MIDWEST with a another quality product!! HE IS HANDS OWN THE MOST TALENTED ARTIST IN EAST STL!!! He was signed with RAP A LOT at one point!!
  • Raw Reese "Still Grindin" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    THE DEBUT album from EAST STL's people champ!!!  Raw Resse has that classic midwest tongue twist but he can slow it down too.  !!! CLASSIC MUST HAVE!!!!
  • Jus Blezzy "Go Hard Or Go Home" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Formerly from the group ALL STARS, JUS BLEEZY goes for his own with his debut album.  Features Fat joe, Yo Gotti, Gorilla Zoe, Murphy Lee

    Screws & Scripts "The New Noise" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Screws & Scripts reps the backpack hip hop side of the EAST STL!!!   Think EAST STL's version of Hi Tek & Talib Kweli

  • DJ Simmanon"Ladies Of The Lou" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    mixtape contains the best females artists from STL!!! Ebony Eyez holds it down on the hosting tip!!!!!!!  STL females can spit too!!!!



  • Street Monstaz "We Are The Streets Vol. 5" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
  • Third Degree "Its All Bad" Buy It
    This hot indie artist from KC Mo., dope
    production dope songs Features from: Kutt Kalhoun, SnugBrim, & more
  • Street Monstaz "Tha Jacka" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    KC and The Bay area meet up to create a dope comp/mixtape.  Street Monstaz always hits u with the real streetz of the KC!!!

Uzi Boo "It's My Turn Fellaz" Buy It
This young upstart from KC comes with
a hard debut album, features from A Wax Smigg Dirtee from the West Coast, KC's own Macc James and a couple more

  • Clout Nine "G To The Game" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    An underground street classic in KC..features Tech 9, Don Juan, and Vell Bakardy

  • Vell Bakardy "Universal Game" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
  • Rich The Factor "The King Of The KC Streets" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    If u dont know about Rich the Factor from KC u been sleeping under a rock!!!

Rich The Factor and Rushin Roolet "Black Border Brothers Vol. 1" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

  • Rich The Factor and Rushin Roolet "Black Border Brothers Vol. 2" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
  • Rich The Factor and Rushin Roolet "Black Border Brothers Vol. 3" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

  • Rich The Factor "Swaggeroids" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

Rich The Factor "Factorism" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

  • Rich The Factor and Rushin Roolet "Rich Factor/Rushin Roolet" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT

  • Rich The Factor "Street Vs. Commercial" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
  • Rich The Factor "Ghetto Russell Simmons" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT



  • Tekneke "Better Than B4" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Tekneke is on the same label as Blaze is so u know this is gona be sum high quality music.  He is more Hip Hop with his style of spit but he reps hard for the D!!!!



  • Kalyko "Hardwerk" NOT IN STOCK AT MOMENT
    Hailing from Nati OH, Kalyko shows off his Nati swag.  Gotta southern swing to him, good solid album!!!!