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Wildstyle "That Was Then This Is Now" $20
Wildstyle goes solo on this album.  He held the whole album down by himself.  Its 18 tracks of nothing but that classic Conflict sound that he has always brought the game.  Do not sleep on this Chicago Legend!!!

  • Crucial Conflict "Illegal Mixtape" $20

Twista "Adrenaline Rush 2000" $20

  • "The Wicked Streets of Chi" The Classics $20

CWAL Ballaz Chapter 2: Nation City $20

Mike Love Presentes: PsychoDrama "Universal Session: Reloaded" $20
Hosted by Mike Love. 17 BRAND NEW exclusive full PsychoDrama songs, 7 produced by The Legendary Traxster including "I Hate You", "Bang Bang" and "You Ain't Tough". THIS MAY BE THE BEST PSYCHODRAMA ALBUM EVER!! Also includes unique one on one interludes from Chicago's all-time favorite underdogs. You know how Mike Love do!!! This one's a no-brainer....Get It Now and remember why you love this Chi music!!

  • PsychoDrama "Universal Session: Reloaded"$20
  • Trust None Soundtrack $20
  • Newsense "The Bitch Is Back"$15
  • Qualo "Believe"$20
  • Payroll "The Classics"$20
  • Chitown Playaz "Limited Edition (Yellow)"$20
  • Chitown Playaz "Limited Edition (Red Cover)"$20
  • Chitown Playaz "Limited Edition (Purple Cover)"$20
  • E.C. Illa "Illa LP" $25
    Personally pressed by E.C. Ila. Last two copies left!!
  • E.C. Illa "Power Moves" $25
    Personally pressed by E.C. Ila. Last copy left!!
  • DaWreck of Triple Darkness "Live From Chi Rek"$20
  • DaWreck of Triple Darkness "The Wreckoning" PRODUCED BY TRAXSTER $20
  • Buk of PsychoDrama "Deep End" $20
    debut solo album

  • Co-Still "No Comparison" $15
  • Traxster "The Vault" $20
  • Belo of Do or Die "The Truth" $20
  • Malik Yusef "The Great Chicago Fire" $15



Hit of the MCG'z "Make Way For The Bad Guy"Bout Dat Issue "Bout Dat Issue E.P."$15

pics/CD_Covers/LEGENDS-inside.jpgBout Dat Issue "Bout Dat Issue: Slowed & Throwed" $15

MCG'z "The Second Coming"MCG'z "The Second Coming"$20

MCG'z "Da Slumpin E.P."MCG'z "Da Slumpin E.P."$20

MCG'z "53 Chambers of Danger" MCG'z "53 Chambers of Danger$20

Hit of the MCG'z "Make Way For The Bad Guy"Hit of the MCG'z "Make Way For The Bad Guy"$20

Hit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA hosted by DJ BURN ONEHit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA hosted by DJ BURN ON $20

Hitzville Vol 2 CoverHit of the MCG'z "Hitsville USA" Vol. 2 hosted by DJ Roc" $20

  • Thugged Out "It's O.V.A. The Mixtape Vol. 1"$15
    ThuggedOut's Mutt Dogg & Bullet Boy go to town on some industry beats!!! Classic gritty gutta gangsta 5th Ave Gary Indiana rap!!
  • Thugged Out: Mutt & Jeff"Juice" $15
  • Thugged Out "Money On Deck" $15
    After the passing of Mafiaso , Mutt &
    Bullet went Down South and hooked up with the label Dirty Game.
    Nothing has changed still that gritty gutta 5th Ave Gary Indiana
    gangsta shit.

Hit of the MCG'z "The Saga ContiuesHit of the MCG'z "The Saga Contiues" $20

  • Soope of Grind Family "Still on My Grind" $20
    Soope of the GRIND FAMILY goes solo dolo on this album. He still spit'n that 219 gutta indiana shit! features Ric jilla. Also coming soon : Soope & Ric jilla duo album!!!!

AL Koleon "GED"Al Koleon "GED: Grind Everyday, Get Every Dollar" $15
Al Koleon has put in non stop work since he got unlocked from the cage. 21 bangin tracks, features from OutFitt, Hit Skrewface, Tex Message, & a few
othersf MCGz........this is a Midwest classic in the making !!!!

  • Ric Jilla "SuperNatural: The Mixtape Vol.3" $20
    Ric Jilla keeps his mixtape push going with vol.3, a lot of dope original music on here and not just freestyles

Str8 Slammin DJs present "Midwest Murda" $15

Str8 Slammin DJs present "Midwest Murda Vol. 2" $15

  • Scope - Where In The World Is Scope Cover Soope Da Roadrunna "Where In the World Is Soope" Hosted By DJ Skee $20
    This is what Soope consider's his solo debut project. He still spitting that deep mind provoking bars!!! Hella dope features and drops from Industry folks from all over
  • ,
  • Sani G & Rob'N Hood Records "The Resume" $15
    The label that has Sani G under them brings us a nice album mix of all its artists.  This Midwest Gary at its BEST!!
  • Doe Boi Dillinger "Left Field" $15
  • Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 6 $20

Midwest Mobstaz Vol 1 CoverMidwest Mobstaz Vol. 1 $20
The classic debut album for the Midwest mobstaz series , PsychoDrama, Ric Jilla, Cwal. Twista, Triple Darkness, Ric Jilla, CCA, Coo Coo Cal, Liffy Stokes, MCGz, EC Illa

Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 3 $20
Twista, Ric Jilla, Outside, Insanity, Midwicked, MCGz, Father Tyme, EC ILLA , and few more

Midwest Mobstaz Vol. 4 $20
Music from Ric Jilla, 50/50, ThuggedOut, Hit Skrewface, MCGz, OutFitt, Da Reepa, Father Tyme, and more ......

  • Midwest Mobstaz "Block Edition" $20
    The infamous series continues.....original music from Ric jilla, Hit Skrewface, CCA, David Roughin, The OutFitt, Vonnie, EC Illa, and a few more

Monsters Of The Midway

  • Doe Boi Dillinger "Chapter 9" $20

NWI CoverNorthwest Indiana's Finest Compilation $20
Features OutFitt Father Tyme, OvaDose, MCGz, Ric Jilla, LowEnd, 1st Batalion, and more!! East Chicago, Hammond, & GI

Ric Jilla "UpGrade: The Album" $20
Ric Jilla comes with his sophomore effort. This is a banger, the beats are dope, his bars are on point, features from Nukki Andrews, Styles P., Al Koleon, ThuggedOut, Outside, Fingerroll, Gutta Block

  • Ric Jilla "Mixtape Vol 1" $20
  • Ric Jilla "Pride of Indiana Mixtape Vol. 2" $20
    Some more music to
    set up his solo album UPGRADE. A lot of original music is on here
    with a few industry freestyles. Features Twista, Father Tyme, Nukki
    Andrews, David Roughin, a couple others ....
  • Ric Jilla "HMD" $20
  • Ric Jilla, G Stak , Jim E. Mac "The Merger" $15

C-Mob "The Antidope"C-Mob "The Antidope" $20

C Mob is a beast, project after project. The quality never drops off, he still sounds hungry in every bar, every song!! Features Dayton Family, Bootleg, T Rock, Shawnna, Lil Witness .........Classic Midwest Music!!!

Freddie Gibbs - A Cold Day In Hell Album CoverFreddie Gibbs "A Cold Day In Hell" $15 Tracklisting

If your not aware how cold Freddie Gibbs by now, you just hating. He does nothing but solid albums!!! Features Alley Boy, Sly Polaroid, Jeezy, Juicy J, Dom Kennedy, 2 Chainz

DJ Edge & DJ Slam Roc "420 Flight Club"$15 Tracklisting
Some more smoking music from D Edge, Hit Skrewface, Freddie Gibbs, Al Koleon, and few other guests ....roll up to this

  • CP Da Prince "Get Down Or Lay Down" $15

    5th Ave GI keeps the talent coming like a well oiled machine!! If your fans of ThuggedOut you will be a fan of CP!!! Features Mutt Dogg & Bullet Boy

IvoeIvoe "Da Grand Duke" $15 Tracklisting song sample 1 song sample 2

You originally heard him on MCGz "Second Comin" album, once signed with Skrewface Ent. , but he dropped a project with Real Recognize Real Records. The boi goes hard on every song, classic GARY Indiana Gutta Gangsta music

Hit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA hosted by DJ BURN ONEHit of the M.C.G.'z "HITSVILLE USA Vol. 3 $20
Hit Skrewface is back with vol.3 of his "Hitsville USA" series. Hit
is doing what he does best, that Midwest gangsta shit!!!! Songs like "Trill Nigga" with Freddie Gibbs goes hard, "Grippin Grain" with a ESGN is becoming an internet sensation, solo records like "The Purge" & "About That Life" tapping into his inner MCGz days flow. You will not be disappointed.

Audio Samples: Break 'em off (Street) (Radio)
***sidenote: If you are interested in purchasing all 5 of Hit
Skrewface solo projects, all will be $80 instead of $100. Just put in the basket 4 copies of Hitsville USA vol.3 and put in the notes you want all 5 of Hit Skrewface solo projects***

H Trae Album CoverH-Trae "In My 2-3 Zone" $15 Tracklisting
Brand new on the scene in Gary. H-Trae was first heard on D-Edge's albums, DJ Roc tapes, & Hit Skrewface. He is holding his own on solo debut. Features Freddie Gibbs, Sani G, D-Edge, Hit Skrewface, Jeih Rill, Ovadose

  • Jeih Rill Album CoverJeihRill "Loyalty" $15 Tracklisting
    Jeih Rill is a veteran in the streets of the G and he flipped his hustle to music ......member of the STR8 SLAMMIN CLICK, features Hit Skrewface, D-Edge, & Sani G

  • Outside "Area 67" $20
  • Midwest Legends: Chicago Vs Indiana $20
  • P.U.G.G. "Da Game Needs Me" $20

C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 1"C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 1" $20
C Mob went ahead and made an album full of features, but the features fit with his style. Features T Rock, BG Bulletwound, Lord Infamous, SnugBrim, 3rd Degree, Sinna of Tre Sins, Lil Witness, & more .....

C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 2"C-Mob "Extra Mags Vol. 2" $20
xtra Mags vol.2 is the exact same as vol.1, just dope tracks back to back. Features from Sinna, Doe Boi, II Tone, Lord Infamous, T Rock, Da Wreck of Triple Darkness

CMobC-Mob "In The Mist of Madness" $20
The debut album from the Marion Indiana Kid!!! Certified debut classic....17 tracks, not one feature.

C-Mob - When The heaven's RainC-Mob "When The Heavens Rain" $20
C Mob keeps delivery that struggle to survive Midwest shit! This is his follow up to his solid underrated debut album. Features from Ric Jilla, 3rd Degree, B-Lang (formerly of No Tamin Ent), & a few more

C-Mob "Hard Times & Hard LiqourC-Mob "Hard Times & Hard Liqour" $20
The kid of Marion Indiana is back with a classic album. He has that rapid fire Midwest style. Dope features T-rock, 3rd Degree, Ric Jilla, Snug Brim, Bizarre of D12.

  • Untouchable1 "The Album" $20
    the OutFitt's Untouchable1 dropped a solo album, 24 bangers!!! He gives you a peep into his world of East Chicago Indiana. features from Soope, Al Koleon, Young Platt, & a few others
  • Al Koleon "GED: Grind Everyday, Get Every Dollar Vol. 3"$15

Poodie Sec8 S#!%Poodie "Sec8 Shit" $15
This kid from Naptown is spitting real life on his tracks!!! If you never heard rap out of Indianapolis, here is a good start

  • Poodie "Sec8 Livin Vol. 1"$15

Freddie Gibbs-ESGNFreddie Gibbs "ESGN" $20

  • Midwest Legends: Chicago Vs Indiana $20
  • Sec8 Livin presents "46218" $15

Lil Kappy Album CoverLil Kappy "Ball Everyday" Tracklisting $15
Skrewface Ent. presents this youngster !!! Midwest version of Lil Wayne, and I mean he doesn't cuss but don't let that fool you, the kid can spit!!!

D-Edge The Leak aLbum coverD-Edge "The Leak" Tracklisting $15
D-Edge delivers another solid project. Features Buk of PsychoDrama, Freddie Gibbs, OvaDose, & more.

  • B The Big Dawg "Yung Ghetto Star" $15
    features Juvenile, Gangsta Boo, Pastor Troy
  • Lil E "Thug Mansion" $15
  • Poodie's "Da Hoodlumz : Come Here Streetz" $15

D Edge ChristmasD-Edge "Christmas Trees: Kush Exclusives Vol. 2" Tracklisting $15
HO HO HO, D-Edge got them santa sacks for ya!!! Features D Edge, H-Trae, Hit Skrewface, Freddie Gibbs, Krayzie Bone, CCA

  • D-Edge "G-Kalaborations Vol.2" $15
    D-Edge comes with a solid album that features Hit Skrewface (of MCGz), Insanity, Freddie Gibbs, and a few others out of the 219

Freddie Gibbs - Baby Face Killa CoverFreddie Gibbs "Baby Faced Killa" Tracklisting$20
Classic Freddie Gibbs, storytelling, wordplay, smoke songs, dope ass production

  • D-Edge presents "Blood Brothaz" $20
  • Tension "Da Introduction" $20
  • CCA "Midwest Thug Niggaz : Tha Compilation" $20
  • CCA "For Tha Streetz" vol.2 $20

"G.I. Legends Vol. 2""G.I. Legends Vol. 2" $15
Features music from Fingerroll & CSaw, Freddie Gibbs, Will Scrilla, Hit Skewface (MCGz), OvaDose, CMack of CCA, Insanity, ThuggedOut, and a few more a lot of unreleased music on this junt!!! Click Here for tracklisting





DerrtyBoi Montana "DerrtyBoi Muzik" $15
DerrtyBoi Montana formerly known as Tantrum (LYRIKAL WARFARE); brings us his first full length album his 2006.  His style has matured greatly; but for his old fans he still brings that Midwest style we all luv from him.  Production credits are that of Trillion Billion, TimeOut, and Vybe.  THIS IS A MUST GET FOR THOSE WHO ARE FANS OF LYRIKAL WARFARE LEGACY

Hard Knox "This Real" $15
2003 STL duo Currency and Mr. Shottie brings that midwest tongue twist over beats from KLC and Medicine Men. Albums features Twista, 8Ball, Mr. Serv on and Six Shot along with label mates from Mo Derrty. Hard to find cd must add to any midwest collection.

Da Banggaz "New STL Vol.2" $20

Blaze "" $20
Brownwave Ent.:  Blaze, from the group Lyrikal Warfare, comes with his debut solo effort.  This album moved 10,000 units in the first year it was available!! If u are a fan of LYRIKAL WARFARE this is a must HAVE!!!!

Fadel Level "Ballin But Broke" $20

Ray Goss "Meet Ray Goss" $15
Hailing from East STL, Ill. Ray Goss is the Talib Kweli, Common Sense, etc...He reps that Hip Hop sound.  u can checkout this mixtape @  if u liek it and want to support the man come back and order u a copy. AUTOGRAPHED!!! 

Family Affair "The Family Blessings" $15
The STL twin brother duo; QB the Classic and Mr.Reprezent brings us there first full length all orginal music album.  If u have never heard of Family Affiar u can check them out on They have a mixtape on their and they are all over the DJ TRACKSTAR "BOOGIE BANG" series and MAD AZZ MIDDLE series.  U gona come back at cop this album!!!!!!

County Brown "Da Re- Up" $15
Addicted Dopeness: This is County Brown's debut album. He shows off his by doing his own production for his self or for his label mates EQ.  This contains the classic "COUNTY MANE" song!!!!  Everything about this album is HIGH QUALITY!!!!  U can checkout music from County Brown @   

D.I.Skreet "The Re-Up" $15

Richie Stacks "Phillthy Packs" $15

Addicted Dopeness presents EQ "Certified" $15
EQ; the duo of Presto & Twinn gives u that good old Midwest Pimpin muzik!!!!  They had a huge radio hit here in STL back in 02/03 .........HIGH QUALITY EP. ALBUM RIGHT HERE!!!!

T Dubb O "Mobster Maniac 3" $15

Dutch Jackson "Burn'Em" $20
STL's renegade artist made a name for himself when he hit the STL streets with the song "FUCK DA LOU" which called out the DJs for not breaking open the STL scene like they do ATL scenes??!!  With production from Trillion Billion and TimeOut yo speakers will be slumpin track after track!!!!

Lyrikal Warfare "Articles Of War" $20
The first and only in store album from the infamous STL group.  This album is a MIDWEST CLASSIC!!! VERY RARE AND HARD TO GET!!!!  Contains the classic "WAR GAMES (WARFARE)" 

Lil StLouis "M.D.G. Da Album" $20

Addicted Dopeness "College Crunk 2000" $20



Third Degree "Its All Bad" $20
70 Mile Ent. : Haling from KC Mo.; Third Degree gives u that KC Midwest flavor.  Album features high quality production and high quality features from who's who in KC's scene.

Tha Street Monstaz Djs "We Are The Streetz" Vol.5 Hosted By The Jacka $15

Uzi Boo "It's My Turn Fellaz" $15
Uzi Boo brings u that Latin side of the MIDWEST.  He reps hard for KC all thru this album.  Everything about this album is high quality!



Young Rome "Rome Wasnt Built In A Day Vol.2" $15